The Works: Strawberries piled high on a crumbly home-made shortcake, laced with strawberry syrup, ice cream and topped with fresh cream £3.90
Strawbs, cake and cream £2.80
Strawbs, cake and ice cream £2.80
Strawbs, cream and ice cream £2.80
Strawbs and cream £2.50
Strawbs and ice cream £2.50
Strawbs and cake £2.00
Strawbs £1.50
Vanilla ice cream and wafer £1.50
Chef’s cookie £0.50


Coffee £1
Tea £1
Strawberry herbal tea £1
Squash (orange, lemon or blackcurrant) 40p
Fizzy drink (coke, lemonade, diet coke, diet lemonade) £1
Prosecco £3.50